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The Long Way Home of Ivan Putnik, Truck Driver

We launched the crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for our first photo book, published and designed by The Eriskay Connection. Our goal is to raise the funds for the production of the book and to donate 20% of what we raise to the amazing International Polar Foundation.

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Some time ago, as we were browsing through the lesser known parts of the internet as we like to do, we stumbled upon a series of incredibly interesting pictures. They were all taken in Russia, across the whole country, mainly above the Arctic Circle. We were so fascinated by these pictures that we decided to collect them all in a book...

This is the story of Ivan Putnik, a Russian truck driver passionate about photography, who travels across his country for work, and takes pictures along the way, sometimes adding notes and thoughts to them. This immense archive, that stretches between desolate lands and breathtaking landscapes, colossal industrial complexes and grotesque private homes, gives life to an unusual and exciting visual diary, with an unforeseen plot-twist.

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