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All of This Could Be Otherwise

In All of This Could Be Otherwise photographs, installations and video are used to inquire the ambivalent nature of certain phenomena and human practices which, when seen under an unusual and alternative light, may reveal something unexpected.

All of This Could Be Otherwise is a collection artifacts which are both proofs and attempts. Proofs meant as “scientific” evidence, withdrawn from the world and shown with the least possible artistic intervention – and thus dwelling on the ambiguity of the photographic medium as an “exact” form of registration, and of the arbitrariness of every collection. But also meant as attempts to approach the idea at the core of the project: if anything could be otherwise, to inquire this ambivalent matter can reveal us something.

Here photographs, installations and video form an unfinished inventory of variations on the same theme, each one somehow linked to the others. Yet, these connections don’t unravel the thread into a more categorical line of thoughts. The more we question the relationships between the artworks, the more they get convoluted, withholding any solution. However, pushed to an active contemplation, and through the lens of their alternative form - of their being otherwise - we can understand something new on the facts here presented.

Shown in these unusual aspects of them, the phenomena, the events and the human practices here presented can reveal something about our actions in the world, about how we shape it, use it, change it, imitate it and represent it. They can reveal something about us, about our nature, about how we modify our body, depict it, alter it, and understand it. And lastly, they can reveal by what means, tools and media we do all this.

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